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Welcome to the ‘new normal’ at the Panaceum Group!

We have deescalated our pandemic procedures here at the Panaceum Group in response to how things are currently in Western Australia. Unfortunately, we can’t go back to the way things were before Covid-19, so we have a “new normal”.

What does this “new normal” look like for our patients?

We are gradually opening all services we once had, however there will be additional screening, social distancing and the use of telehealth to keep us all safe. In summary:

  • No patients with cold or flu like symptoms will be seen in a normal face to face consult
  • We are using telehealth services as standard for anyone in isolation or with cold/ flu symptoms and to renew prescriptions
  • Phone and front desk screening questions are asked at every visit
  • Perspex screens are now up at reception desks
  • Hand sanitiser to be used on entry of the building and found throughout the building
  • Our staff will sometimes be wearing masks and other equipment in their interaction with you


Cold and flu like symptoms, international and interstate travellers will access services via telehealth and not seen in the medical practice.

Patients with cold and flu like symptoms will be seen via telehealth. Even though the threat of Covid-19 is low in our area, it is still a threat. So for the protection of all, if you have cold or flu symptoms please stay at home, isolate, keep your fluids up, binge on your favourite TV series and call us for a telehealth visit.

Respiratory viruses are very contagious so please don’t go to work or school, or be in areas where there are people in close contact. Practise great hand hygiene and cough etiquette. Check out this healthdirect site for more helpful information on battling cold and flu.

If after your telehealth consult, your doctor sees a need to assess you further, arrangements will be made for you to seek this care.


What if I have a pre-booked appointment for something else and I get a cold in time for my appointment?

If this is you please don’t worry, just call us. Please DO NOT COME TO THE MEDICAL PRACTICE. We will just give you an alternative consult, potentially via telehealth or whatever may be deemed most suitable for your situation.

If you come to the practice and have cold/ flu symptoms you will be turned away from the practice and offered a telehealth consult instead of a face to face consult. Even if your cold and flu symptoms were not the reason that you booked your original appointment. We would prefer to not have to turn you away, so please call so that we can arrange this before you arrive.


Using telehealth for renewing prescriptions.

The new Medicare items are allowing our GPs to be able to contact you for your regular prescription renewals. We will arrange this via a video consult or phone consult, depending on the technology you have available.

We're now accepting new patients!

If you’d like to make an appointment, you can book online using the link below. Alternatively, please call on (08) 9920 8111.

Phone lines will be open from 8.30am 5pm. Closed between 12.30-1.30pm