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Pain Series – Part 3: Lower back Pain

Part 3 of Physiotherapist Thomas Knight’s Pain Series.

A few things you may not know regarding pain, particularly Low back pain (LBP):

  1. LBP is a common and normal experience, much like a sprained ankle. 80% of the general population will experience LBP at some point in their life
  2. Scans will not show the cause of persistent pain. That is not to say that the pain isn’t real but chasing after the pain with an X-ray or scan is not always helpful and can sometimes make the pain worse
  3. Back pain is not caused by something being out of place
  4. Bed rest is not helpful
  5. Exercise is good for you and safe, in fact it’s probably going to be the best thing for you. It also doesn’t matter what exercise you do. As long as you stick with it and enjoy it, the benefits will follow
  6. Surgery is rarely needed.
  7. The perfect posture doesn’t exist. The key is to vary your posture so that you are relaxed and comfortable
  8. Lifting and bending are safe to do
  9. Avoiding activities and moving carefully does not help in the long run
  10. Stress, low mood and worry can have a negative effect of pain
  11. Poor sleep influences pain
  12. More pain does not mean more damage
  13. Persistent pain CAN get better

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