Online Script Renewals

Terms and Conditions

Only regular medications prescribed to you previously by your GP can be requested. Before ordering a prescription please check against the following:

Are you a usual patient of the practice and have you been prescribed this medication before? Regular means that you have a usual GP here and you see them at least every 6 – 12 months. Your usual GP will need to have previously prescribed you the medication you are requesting otherwise please call to make an appointment.

Does your usual GP do prescriptions online? Not all Doctors at the Panaceum Group will re-prescribe medications online. If your regular GP is not on the “drop down” list below they will not prescribe without an appointment, in which case please call our friendly staff to arrange an appointment.

Is this a regular medication? All doctors will only prescribe medication that is a regular repeat prescription. I.e. something that you are taking routinely and regularly and not something you take “as needed”.

Is this an authority medication? Some medications like strong pain killers require extra authorisation and therefore cannot be done without an appointment. Please call the practice to check if you are not sure.

Do you need this medication in under 48 hours? Please do not use online ordering, please call the practice. Online orders require approximately two business days processing time before being ready for collection. Please call us to check it is ready after two days.

There will be a fee payable. A $12.00* charge will apply for the administration of the prescription. Payment will be required at the point of pick up from the practice. * There are higher fees for urgent ($20) and authority prescriptions ($15).

Script Renewal

  • List the name of the prescription and the dosage required as detailed on the the script that has been issued to you by your GP.
    If you have more than script request, please add a line break between each separate script.