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During November each year, Movember is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces in Australia and around the world. The aim of which is to raise awareness for men’s health.

Man up

 Did you know?

Men have the second highest incidence of illness in Australia, after Aboriginal people

Each hour, five men die from conditions that are potentially preventable

Men live on average six years less than women. More than 48,000 Australian men a year succumb to diseases that may have been prevented by a simple trip to the doctor

Men’s conditions are often complicated by the fact that men are more likely than women to shy away from medical treatment of any kind, so they are often diagnosed late.

Our Practice will be running special men’s health assessments during November with specific practitioners that are taking part.  These visits for Well Men’s Check will be bulk billed for patients that are eligible with Medicare, please phone to get booked in for these health assessments. Think of it like a service on your car- it helps keep you in top running order and detects any problems early

  • Things to get checked at your service are:
  • Chassis check (hip to waist ratio / BMI)
  • Torsion (flexibility / fitness)
  • Exhaust (smoking / lungs)
  • Fuel additives (diet and alcohol consumption)
  • Oil pressure (blood pressure)
  • Spark plugs (testicles / prostate)
  • Duco (skin cancer)
  • Extractor (bowel cancer check)
  • Shock absorbers (mental health)

Book now! Call your practice

9920 8111  for Panaceum Medical – Lester Avenue

or 9923 9999  University Medical Practice – Chapman Road

Book for a bulk billed well men’s check for the month of November. Please note these bulk billed visits cannot be booked online so please phone us.

Ladies, if your man won’t book- book for him. Early detection saves lives!



We're now accepting new patients!

If you’d like to make an appointment, you can book online using the link below. Alternatively, please call on (08) 9920 8111.

Phone lines will be open from 8.30am 5pm. Closed between 12.30-1.30pm