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Mirena and Implanon

What is it?


Mirena may be used as a long term and reversible method of contraception, for the treatment of excessive menstrual bleeding (menorrhagia) or for protection from endometrial hyperplasia (excessive growth of the lining of the womb) during hormone replacement therapy. It is placed inside the womb where it slowly releases a hormone over a period of five years or until it is removed.

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Implanon is the name for a small medical device placed under the skin and used to deliver a long term and reversible method of contraception.

IMPLANON NXT prevents pregnancy by slowly releasing a small amount of hormone into your body. It is like one of the hormones found in ‘the Pill’. It lasts for up to 3 years and can be removed at any time by your doctor

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How to book:

Before any sort of procedure you will require a consultation with your GP first. So, if you are responding to a letter reminding you it is time to have your device reviewed, or you believe this is something you want to have, the first place to start is to make an appointment with your GP.

If you have already spoken with your GP and want to go ahead, please contact the practice to make a booking. You will need to have purchased the devices first though a pharmacy with a prescription from your GP. The procedure is a 20-30 minute appointment with your GP and nurse in assistance. It is usual that a pregnancy test is performed before the procedure goes ahead.


The two devices are requested by a prescription from your GP. The prices for these devices will vary from pharmacy to pharmacy.

You will be charged for the procedure which is usually a long appointment, if you have a Medicare Card you will receive a Medicare rebate which will cover part of your costs. You will also be charged for the consumables and sterile equipment used on the day, depending on the procedure this will be $15, $30 or $60. Your pregnancy test (if performed) will be bulk billed to Medicare.

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