Attending the Treatment Room for Injections and Infusions

Sometimes your Doctor may suggest a treatment that requires an injection or an infusion. It may be a one off occurrence or you may be placed on a reminder system to regularly attend for these treatments.

What is it?

Some medications need to be given via syringe and needle. Examples of these treatments include:

  • Depo (Provera, Antipsychotic)
  • B12
  • Prolia
  • Primoteston
  • Zoladex

If you are on a reminder for one of these or you have been requested to make an appointment by your Doctor for one of these you will often require a prescription for the medication.

It is best to plan so that you can have the prescriptions dispensed and given to the medical practice prior to your planned injection.

Often these treatments are time sensitive and delaying treatment may have a negative impact on how effective it is, so it is important to book as close to your treatment intervals as possible.

Infusions are a method of delivering a treatment to a patient via a cannula (special surgical sterile needle and plastic straw) and a fluid bag containing the treatment. A doctor will place a cannula in to a vein that will be connected to the fluid containing the medication which will slowly enter the body.

The nurse will monitor you for the time it takes for the medication to be administered. This can be 45-60 minutes.

Some infusions require a prescription from a doctor so it is important to have the prescription dispensed and brought to the clinic before your treatment.

Infusions include treatments like:

  • Iron
  • IV fluids such as normal saline
  • Aclasta

How to book:

On direction from a reminder message from your medical practice or from your doctor, you would need to call your medical practice and ask to make an infusion or injection appointment for the particular need that you have.


With both injections and infusion there will be a cost for the doctors attendance and there may be a cost for any consumables that are used. There is always a cost for infusion equipment used. The practice administrative staff will tell you the up to date costs when you enquire.


Your nursing and doctor staff will always give you advice of what to do post treatment, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the medical practice.