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Heartkids Super Hero Boss Day

This Friday the 26th the Panaceum Group and University Medical Practice staff will be supporting HeartKids by having a SUPER HERO BOSS dress up day.

Heartkids is a charity that provides lifelong support to families of children that have childhood heart disease, be it congenital (born with) or acquired.

How HeartKids started

“We started as a voluntary group of parents and individuals dealing with, and concerned about, the day to day realities of raising and caring for children with cardiac conditions and, sometimes, dealing with the loss of a child due to their congenital heart defect. We have grown to an organisation of some strength, with a presence in every state of Australia, as well as a National body – HeartKids Australia.”

Did you know 1 in 8 babies are born every year with a heart defect and approximately half of these children will require surgery and it is also estimated that there are 32 000 children under the age of 18 living with childhood heart disease.

So come dressed as your favorite SUPER HERO for a donation and support HeartKids so they can continue to help donate to research, support families and raise much more awareness about childhood heart disease.

Alternatively if you wish to donate on line follow this link

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