Why it is difficult to find a family doctor in Geraldton

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April 16, 2012
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July 15, 2012
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Looking for a GP in Geraldton, WA? Here are some tips to find a doctor for you and your family. First of all: there is a serious shortage of doctors in rural and remote Western Australia, and not enough Australian doctors to fill the gaps. That’s why Australia will continue to rely on overseas trained doctors for many years to come.

Looking for a doctor in Geraldton?

The Department of Health has decided that Geraldton is not a ‘District of Workforce Shortage’, which makes it difficult for practices to recruit doctors.

Unfortunately the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing has decided that Geraldton is not a ‘District of Workforce Shortage’ which makes it almost impossible for practices to recruit overseas trained doctors.If you’re unwell and don’t have a doctor yet, it can be challenging to find one, because the doctors in Geraldton are fully booked – usually days, and occasionally weeks in advance. So don’t wait until you or your family members become unwell. Book a non-urgent appointment for a meet and greet, and discuss your previous medical history, including medications and allergies if any. Ask for a preventive health check to screen for health issues before the become apparent. It is advisable and safe to have all your (family’s) records with one practice.

Ask about opening hours and the practice’s policy regarding urgent problems. Some practices are able to see children or acutely unwell people on the same day.

Visit Geraldton Medical Group or University Medical Practice.