Covid-19 Test Advice

Your practitioner has referred you to have a test for coronavirus (Covid -19).

What happens next:

Please contact the Geraldton Respiratory Clinic on 9965 8100. They will test you for Covid-19.

You will then need to go home and isolate until you get your results back. You may need to continue isolating depending on your most recent travel arrangements or if you return a positive result.


It is of up most importance that outside of attending for your test that you remain isolated at home until your test results are given to you, even if you are feeling well.

When travelling home to start isolation use personal transport, such as a car, to minimise exposure to others. If you need to use public transport (e.g. taxis, ride-hail services, trains, buses and trams), follow the precautions outlined in the public transport guide at

During isolation, you must stay at home and don’t go to public places including work, school, childcare, university or public gatherings. Only people who usually live with you should be in the home. Do not see visitors. If you are in a hotel, avoid contact with other guests or staff.

If you are well, there is no need to wear surgical masks at home. Ask others who are not in isolation to get food and necessities for you. If you must leave home, such as to seek medical care, wear a surgical mask. If you don’t have a mask, take care to not cough or sneeze on others. For more information about when to wear a mask, visit:

Please call your medical practice with any questions.