February 23, 2018

Pain Series – Part 3: Lower back Pain

Part 3 of Physiotherapist Thomas Knight’s Pain Series. A few things you may not know regarding pain, particularly Low back pain (LBP): LBP is a common and normal experience, much like a sprained ankle. 80% of the general population will experience LBP at some point in their life Scans will not show the cause of persistent pain. That is not to say that the pain isn’t real but chasing after the pain with an X-ray or scan is not always helpful and can sometimes make the pain worse Back pain is not caused by something being out of place Bed […]
February 16, 2018

Pain Series – Part 2: Reducing the impact pain can play on your life

Part 2 of Physiotherapist Thomas Knight’s Pain Series. As Human beings our nervous systems are plastic and are designed to learn. What this means is that we are not hard wired and are capable of change and adaptability. These changes can be good, such as the body learning to walk again after a spinal cord injury or the ability for us to learn new skills, however it can also be unhelpful. As pain persists our body learns that this is normal behaviour and gets better at experiencing it. Despite the injury healing, our body continues to be in pain. This […]
February 9, 2018

Pain Series – Part 1: Types of Pain

Part 1 of Physiotherapist Thomas Knight’s Pain Series. What types of pain are there? Acute pain: this is pain that lets us know we have been hurt or are in danger of being hurt. It is useful pain and stops us from further injuring our body. Acute pain is designed to stop us from injuring ourselves in the same way again. It is designed to allow the body time to repair and recover. This sort of pain is important in teaching us lessons, if we touch a hot pan it hurts, we learn to avoid touching hot pans however it […]
January 5, 2018

Prevent Skin Cancer – Be Sun Smart

  It’s the time of the year that we all enjoy being outside. Whether it be swimming, playing sport, riding a bike, gardening, having a BBQ, a picnic, walking to the shop, or even that mundane job of hanging out the washing, where our skin suffers from the harsh UV (ultra violet) rays. So it’s that time of year for a reminder to us all to SLIP SLOP SLAP SLIDE and SEEK Being Sun Smart is easy To prevent UV damage and reduce your risk of skin cancer, be sun smart this summer by: SLIP on protective clothing SLOP on […]
December 12, 2017

The Giving Tree

Giving Tree at Panaceum At Panaceum Group we would like to help make Christmas special for those in our community who are doing it tough at the moment. This year we will be collecting gifts on behalf of Midwest Charity Begins at Home to distribute toward the end of the festive season. If you have any excess presents this year, or some leftovers from last year you were thinking of re-gifting, please drop it in to reception at Panaceum Medical or Panaceum Seacrest. Please consider the following: Recipients are of all ages including children, parents/families and the elderly Preferably unwrapped (each gift […]
April 13, 2017

April No Falls

April No Falls is an international campaign, which aims to educate and raise awareness of falls prevention and help those at risk of falling to stay on their feet. Falling is not a normal part of ageing and can be prevented. Join us at Panaceum Medical and University Medical Practice to collect information and resources on how to prevent falls and look after yourself if you do fall. Here is an important message from the Panaceum Group’s Accredited Exercise Physiologist – Shelley Fennell. As people start to get older they tend to become less active which can result in weak […]