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Bulk Billed Skin Cancer Checks for March at UMP!


The population of Geraldton is so lucky to have weather that allows almost all-year-round outdoor activities on water and land. With plenty of picturesque places to visit, activities to do and beaches nearby, there is no reason to stay inside!

As with many other things in life, we have learned to use protective measures to keep risks at bay so that our fun is not spoiled by a rude awakening. Let’s be honest, who wants to enjoy a nice day at the beach and suffer for days with painful sun-burn and blistering scaly skin?

Sun exposure, however, does something else to the skin that does not always results in pain or scaly skin and certainly not within days but in years down the line. We are talking here about skin cancer.

It is well known that Australia together with New Zealand have a three times higher incidence of any skin cancer then Canada, North America and the United Kingdom. That is a fact and we cannot change that!

Some statistics show that appropriate clothing and sun-cream use, the “sun-smart”-approach, has already stopped a further increase in risk over the last decade. So that is definitely worthwhile to be recommended and used!!

If you then look at what made people, who were diagnosed with any type of cancer so lucky to survive, it was the awareness of the cancer risk and an early detection. This applies for any cancer including skin cancers.

So, if you would like “your fun not to be spoiled”, then I encourage you to be:

Sun-smart, skin-cancer- aware and ahead in the game if you become suspicious of skin changes.

With that in mind, enjoy the outdoors!!!


Dr Paul Krinyak

Panaceum – UMP

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