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We have made the difficult decision to shut down the ability to make appointments online for all Panaceum Group practices and departments. This is due to patients using the online system to gain an appointment for Coronavirus assessment, which puts other patients and the practice at risk. For the safety of all and to quickly get patients the testing they need, those that have a potential risk of Coronavirus are being managed away from the practice premise using a new telehealth system.

We hope you will understand that we must protect the practice from a potential transmission of Coronavirus, not only to protect patients in the waiting room but also the community of Geraldton. If we do have a positive result for Coronavirus the practice is at risk of being closed for up to 14 days. The impact of this on the community would be too high and we are doing everything we can to manage this risk.

You can help us by calling if you have concern that you may have come in to contact with the Coronavirus, have travelled internationally in the past 14 days or have cold or flu symptoms.

Our resources are at the greatest stretch that we have ever experienced, as with all health care facilities, so please follow advice being given by public health – stay home and call.

As we have shut our online bookings our phone lines will be busier than ever, we ask you to please be patient. If your enquiry is not urgent please call outside of our busiest times. Our business busiest times are 8am-9.30am and 12-2pm.

Thank you for your understanding. It needs a united community response that is sensible and measured to get through risks like this.

The Panaceum Group





Our existing patients are welcome to make online bookings for a range of GP and Allied Health appointments.

Step 1: Please take a moment and check below that the type of appointment you need is available online.
Step 2: If available, book the appointment. If unavailable for online bookings, please phone us on 9920 8111.

Please note: Not all Doctors are available online.

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What CAN I book online?

GP and Allied Health Appointments:

  • Standard 10 Minute appointment (1-2 issues, result discussions, prescriptions, referrals etc.)
  • Long appointment 20 minutes (multiple complex issues, mental health issues etc.)
  • Workers compensation appointments
  • Allied Health – Physiotherapist, Dietician, Podiatrist
    • New and follow up appointments for each profession
    • Follow up appointment for those with referrals from their Chronic Disease Management plans with team care arrangements (EPC)

What CAN’T I book online?

  • Any nurse appointments including routine immunisations, injections, follow up dressings, ECG, Spirometry, INR, Chronic Disease Careplans
  • Surgical Procedures (A consult to discuss a procedure can be booked as a standard appointment)
  • Pre-Anaesthetic Checks (PAC)
  • Insertion/Removal of Implanons and Mirenas
  • Pregnancy related (antenatal) appointments
  • Driver’s License Medicals (all types)
  • New patient appointments – 20 minutes (a full 20 minute appointment may not be required if you are just passing through Geraldton).
  • Travel Clinic appointments
  • Pre-employment and compliance medicals (including AMSA and Immigration)
  • Gym or Gym Classes

Please contact us to book any of the above appointments. 

Panaceum Medical (233 Lester Avenue):

Dr Kyaw (Steven) Lwin (Obstetrics)
Dr P. Suresh
Dr Angela Glen (Anaesthetics) – NOT available online
Dr Elly Slootmans – NOT available online
Dr Murray James-Wallace (Obstetrics & Anaesthetics)
Dr James Murray
Dr Keith Figueiredo (Obstetrics and Anaesthetics) – NOT available online
Dr Richard Taylor (Obstetrics and Anaesthetics) – NOT available online
Dr Shaun Millns Sizer – NOT available online
Dr Tonya Constantine – NOT available online
Dr Nathan Combs (Registrar) (Obstetrics)
Dr Yang Ng (Anaesthetics)
Dr Helko Schenk (Skin)
Dr Ann Abraham (Registrar)

Panaceum Seacrest (75 Barrett Drive):

Dr Ian Taylor (Anaesthetics) – NOT available online
Dr Philippa Gray (Obstetrics) – NOT available online
Dr Katie Milne (Registrar) (Obstetrics)
Dr Samira Potturi (Registrar)


Panaceum Allied Health (233 Lester Avenue):

Physiotherapist – Liz White, Fiona Shanks, Evie O’Meara

Exercise Physiologist – Samuel Bulten

Dietitian – Anique Baldock
Podiatrist – Lara Reynolds, Belinda Sparkhall

Psychologist – Amanda Giudice

Please contact us if you need any assistance with making your online booking.