May 24, 2017

Heartkids Super Hero Boss Day

This Friday the 26th the Panaceum Group and University Medical Practice staff will be supporting HeartKids by having a SUPER HERO BOSS dress up day. Heartkids is a charity that provides lifelong support to families of children that have childhood heart disease, be it congenital (born with) or acquired. How HeartKids started “We started as a voluntary group of parents and individuals dealing with, and concerned about, the day to day realities of raising and caring for children with cardiac conditions and, sometimes, dealing with the loss of a child due to their congenital heart defect. We have grown to an […]
May 19, 2017

Exercise right week

 ITS EXERCISE RIGHT WEEK Did you know that expertly prescribed exercise can be used to effectively manage chronic disease and pain. Everyone is unique, and so are our requirements. There isn’t a one size fits all approach to exercise, and with new exercise trends appearing every week, it can be confusing about what is safe and the best option for YOU. Seek advice from the correct exercise professional and receive the best possible advice and guidance to get you started on your exercise journey. Exercise does not always mean burpees and sprints. It’s a science and everything is individualised to […]
May 9, 2017

Exercise Classes for Cancer Patients

Life Now – Exercise Class for People Affected by Cancer Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Shelley in conjunction with the Cancer Council will be running FREE Life Now exercise classes in The Panaceum Injury Management & Fitness Centre. Classes are specifically designed for those who have been diagnosed with cancer within the last 2 years, and who are undergoing or have completed cancer treatment. Over the past few years research conducted on the effect of exercise on cancer has increased, and all have concluded with positive results, that exercising with cancer is not only safe but greatly beneficial for the individual. Exercising whilst […]
April 13, 2017

April No Falls

April No Falls is an international campaign, which aims to educate and raise awareness of falls prevention and help those at risk of falling to stay on their feet. Falling is not a normal part of ageing and can be prevented. Join us at Panaceum Medical and University Medical Practice to collect information and resources on how to prevent falls and look after yourself if you do fall. Here is an important message from the Panaceum Group’s Accredited Exercise Physiologist – Shelley Fennell. As people start to get older they tend to become less active which can result in weak […]
March 10, 2017

Flu Vaccinations – Recommend delay until May

Influenza Vaccinations 2017 – Recommendation for patients to delay until May As you would have seen across our own town and through the media – some brands of influenza vaccines are due for release in the coming days. This would usually be seen as a great news story and promotion of immunisation against the flu is greatly important. But, did you know: The working power of the flu vaccine wanes or reduces slowly over time and can be dramatically reduced after about 3-4 months. In the Midwest over the last 5 years our peak flu season hits around September. Having […]
February 15, 2017

Ovarian Cancer Awareness

Ovarian Cancer February is ovarian cancer awareness month to help raise awareness of signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer is most common in women over 50. Each year 1550 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer and over 1200 women will lose their battle with this disease. 1 in 75 women will develop ovarian cancer before the age of 85. With no early detection tests it is important for women to know and understand the signs, symptoms and risks. Risk Factors Age – being over 50 and through menopause Genetics and Family history – are responsible for 15% of […]