August 24, 2012


We would all have at some point in time suffered from the dreaded gastroenteritis.  But what actually is gastroenteritis?  It is an infection of the bowel that causes diarrhoea and sometimes vomiting.  It happens very commonly in young children and outbreaks can occur in daycare centres, hospitals and aged-care facilities.  It is mainly caused by viruses, notably rotavirus and norovirus.  The viruses are easily picked up from individuals who may have immunity but pass on the infection.  Bacterial gastroenteritis can also be acquired when one has contaminated food. canada pharmacy buy canada levitra buy paxil without prescription The symptoms of […]
August 3, 2012

Strathalbyn College on a mission in East Timor

Strathalbyn senior students and their teachers recently visited East-Timor. The college was very thorough in their preparations, which included a visit to the Travel Clinic in Panaceum. In the 10 days in-country they re-painted a school, visited two remote villages in the highlands, and donated medicine, uniforms, stationery and money to various local projects.“We really appreciated the generous support of the Panaceum staff. The thorough travel advice and the prayers of other supporters are surely the reason why none of the team were sick during or after the trip,” said Anita Kirkbright, development officer. “One of our teachers, Beverley Hanrahan, presented […]
July 28, 2012

Book your appointments online

To make it easier to book your appointments with one of our doctors, we are providing an online appointment booking service that can be used from any computer, 24 hours per day. Please note that more ‘complicated’ appointments (like surgical interventions) can not be booked online. For these appointments please call us on 08 9920 8111. Book your appointment online
July 15, 2012

Telehealth video consultations with your Perth specialist, facilitated by your GP

Under Medicare people in remote, regional and outer metropolitan areas of Australia have access to specialist video consultations. This provides many patients with easier access to specialists, without the time and expenses involved in travelling to Perth. Most doctors at the Geraldton Medical Group and University Medical Practice are able to offer this service. Patients appreciate it and seem to get a lot out of it as the practice nurse, who is present during the consultation, can clarify issues. It is a useful health service, even more so in rural and remote areas. Unfortunately, at this stage is it not possible […]
July 7, 2012

Why it is difficult to find a family doctor in Geraldton

Looking for a GP in Geraldton, WA? Here are some tips to find a doctor for you and your family. First of all: there is a serious shortage of doctors in rural and remote Western Australia, and not enough Australian doctors to fill the gaps. That’s why Australia will continue to rely on overseas trained doctors for many years to come. Unfortunately the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing has decided that Geraldton is not a ‘District of Workforce Shortage’ which makes it almost impossible for practices to recruit overseas trained doctors.If you’re unwell and don’t have a doctor yet, […]
April 16, 2012

Opportunities for GP’s and Registrars

Why do Doctors like working at the Panaceum Group? The Panaceum practices are owned and operated by local GP’s, and with the help of our awesome team we have worked very hard to make it easy for our doctors to look after their patients. As a former WAGPET training practice of the year finalist, our doctors are dedicated to provide high quality teaching to registrars, (overseas trained) doctors preparing for their exams, and medical students.  Dr Bethany Nelson (started as GP registrar at Panaceum) “I love the warm weather (…) Geraldton is the closest to Perth while still being country as we […]