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December 7, 2018
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Prevent Skin Cancer – BE SUN SMART

It’s the time of the year that we all enjoy being outside. Whether it be swimming, playing sport, riding a bike, gardening, having a BBQ, a picnic, walking to the shop, or even that mundane job of hanging out the washing, where our skin suffers from the harsh UV (ultra violet) rays.

These daily activities are the ones where we are more prone to get UV damage and sunburn without thinking about sun protection. This “incidental” UV damage does contribute to our risk of skin cancer.

So it’s time for a reminder to us all to SLIP SLOP SLAP SLIDE and SEEK

Being Sun Smart is easy

Being Sun Smart is a simple and effective way of reducing your risk of developing skin cancer.

SLIP on protective clothing

SLOP on sunscreen

SLAP on a wide brimmed hat

SEEK out shade

SLIDE on sunglasses

Over time UV damage can result in premature aging, eye damage, sunspots and ultimately skin cancer. This is a time to teach and encourage children, friends and family to be sun smart.

Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world. Two in three Australians will develop skin cancer before the age of 70, and every year 2,000 people die from this disease. The major cause of skin cancer is over exposure to UV radiation from the sun especially during childhood and adolescence. There are over 440,000 Australians diagnosed with skin cancer every year.

Did you know that all GPs can do a skin check for you!

Get to know your skin and if you spot any skin changes book an appointment with your GP – a simple skin check could save your life.