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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians Health Assessment

What is it?

A Health Check is designed to support the physical, social and emotional wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients of all ages. It is a 40 minute appointment with one of our nurses overseen by the normal treating GP and can be performed 9 months.


This health assessment is available to all people of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent, and you haven’t had an assessment with another medical practice in the past 9 months.


Health assessments are “bulk-billed” for Medicare card holders, so there is no out of pocket cost.

What happens in a Health Assessment?

One of our nurses will talk through your physical, mental and social health. They will also perform some general observations and measurements such as taking your blood pressure, height and weight. With you and your doctor they will consider whether there are some preventative health care or treatments you could consider, this could include getting some assistance from Allied Health Specialists such as physiotherapists, dieticians and psychologists.

Taking part

If you have been invited to a health assessment, or you think you would be eligible please give your medical practice a call to book an appointment.  

More information

You can find full details on this health assessment by going to

We're now accepting new patients!

If you’d like to make an appointment, you can book online using the link below. Alternatively, please call on (08) 9920 8111.

Phone lines will be open from 8.30am 5pm. Closed between 12.30-1.30pm