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Vision, Mission & Values


     To be the first-choice health care destination in our community.


     To make a difference to our patients, communities and stakeholders.

  • We provide premium services to multiple areas of the health sector.
  • Our services are characterised by a great end user experience in healthcare.
  • We create simplified systems and processes with that enhanced user experience in mind.
  • Our attention to detail, persistence, training, innovation and accountability are what makes us unique in the landscape.
  • Our team increasingly features people who understand health care can be made easier.
  • We are established at successfully integrating disparate health services and sharing our knowledge and experiences with the wider profession.


We Believe:

  • Thrive Together – We believe in the collective power of our team.
  • Care Deeply – We choose to care deeply about our patients and each other.
  • Make a Difference – We strive to create meaningful impact in the lives of others.
  • Cultivating Curiosity – Embrace new opportunities and take responsibility for our development.


Cradle to grave service

The Panaceum Group brings a unique service to the Midwest community which provides Obstetric services through to nursing home care. We provide cradle to grave medicine, choosing breadth and quality of service over other models.

Investing in the next generation

We have a long tradition of teaching medical students, registrars and nursing students as part of the commitment to teaching the next generation. The Panaceum Group is committed to training our staff members and managers and to offer upskilling options to all our employees. The Directors Pathway offers new challenges for those who desire more ownership and increased responsibilities.

Panaceum Group Values

The business model of the Panaceum Group is built on strong values. The Group has a legacy of investing in the community, stability, growth and a wide range of services which include those that are profitable and those that are loss making, emphasising continuity and breadth of care for the Geraldton Community.

Billing compassionately

We have always maintained a policy of allowing practitioners to set their own fees in order to bill compassionately and only ever sets a ceiling fee to enable patients to be able to be cared for by a variety of practitioners.

Bulk Billing service to all nursing homes

Cradle to grave medicine means caring for people in all stages of their lives, including the elderly. Panaceum Medical and Panaceum Seacrest are the only practices in town that have maintained a weekly bulk billing service to nursing home residents, and we will continue to look after this vulnerable population in Geraldton.

Veteran’s Affairs patients

The Panaceum Group doctors will see Veteran’s Affairs patients and assist with the co-ordination of all care needs.

Service to Aboriginal clients

Panaceum Medical and Panaceum Seacrest have a significant percentage of aboriginal clients outside the GRAMS clientele, that reflects the percentage proportion of aboriginal people in the Australian community.

Substance Misuse and Addiction Medicine

Several of our GPs have provided the foremost service to those suffering from drug addiction in Geraldton. We currently have GP’s specialising in substance misuse rehabilitation at both of our practices.

Sponsoring community events

The Panaceum Group regularly sponsors community events such as Panaceum Sun City Outdoor Cinema and Aidan’s Place Lego Group.



Making it easier for our doctors


Sustainable work pattern

We actively promote a sustainable work pattern and do not encourage high turnover of cases or unhealthy work hours. The group has a strong tradition of facilitating female practitioners along with male practitioners to have the most flexible working arrangements and actively redresses earning capacity between female and male practitioners.

Cover for doctors taking holidays

We have been successful in ensuring our doctors take their holidays, without having those doctors arrange their own expensive and hard to get locums. Doctors can take their well deserved break knowing that their colleagues or locums are looking after their patients and checking their results.

Option to work at other community health services

We have always facilitated that all doctors have the ability to additionally practice at centres which may provide services for the disadvantaged. Panaceum actively encourages and supports practitioners to work at GRAMS and the Women’s Resource Centre. Panaceum assists in supporting practitioners to develop the antenatal services at GRAMS.

Supporting our doctors at all times

We have given study support, coaching, financial and other support to (migrant) doctors, staff and their families when they have found themselves in difficulty.


The business model of the Panaceum Group is built on strong values. The group has a legacy of investing in the community, stability, growth and a wide range of services which include those that remunerate well and those that are loss making, emphasising continuity and breadth of care for the Midwest Community. We are grateful and proud that the success of our approach is reflected in the number of new and returning patients.

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