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5 healthy Easter eating tips

Happy Easter from the Panaceum Group! We hope you enjoy this time with family and friends and make the most of the stunning weather. Here are some nutrition tips for keeping on a healthy track this Easter Weekend. 

1. Remember Easter is actually one day

Just because there’s a few days off work for most, and a short holiday away for many, doesn’t mean it’s a free for all. Enjoy some chocolate on Easter Sunday, of course. It can be a good source of antioxidants… and we all know by now that a small amount of dark chocolate, at least, is good for our health.

But really try not to start working your way through spare supplies of chocolate eggs on Thursday afternoon…! Wait ’till Sunday, and try to keep it to Sunday. One day with some overindulgence isn’t going to be a problem; it’s a 4-5 day weekend of poor eating, too much drinking and lack of exercise that will lead to setbacks.

2. Watch the alcohol intake

Drinking alcohol can really sabotage your plans to stay healthy. Keep in mind that dehydration can mimic hunger, too, so it’s important to stay hydrated. Try drinking a glass of water in between alcoholic beverages. Give yourself a limit for the Easter weekend, and stick to it!

3. Slow down

When has there ever been a shortage of food or drinks at holiday events? Eat and drink slowly and allow your brain to catch up to your stomach. That way you’ll be more aware of what your decisions about what you really feel like eating and drinking.

4. Eat real food

As always, avoid processed foods and lots of convenience snack foods. Stick with the basics as much as possible – you’ll feel better for it. Fresh salads, fruit and vegetables, lean meats, fish and other seafood, low-fat dairy, nuts, beans and legumes and small amounts of good quality cereals and grainy breads.

5. Walk it off

Plan fun activities with your family and friends to stay active and motivated over the weekend: go for a walk, run, swim, bike ride, kick a ball around  – whatever you like… just move that body. And again, modelling that habit for the children in your company, is priceless!

This information is general, and only an individual dietary assessment by an Accredited Practising Dietitian will provide you with detailed recommendations relevant to your particular needs.

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