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Nursing Student Placements

Currently we coordinate placements most commonly with the University of Western Australia and Notre Dame University. We are open to exploring other working relationships with other educational facilities to provide practicum to students.

During a Nursing placement at The Panaceum Group you will be required to work across both of our practices. Geraldton Medical Group provides a large range of experiences with a larger patient base and access to teaching from a larger range of medical staff with varying specialties. At University Medical Practice, while there is a smaller cohort of patients and staff, the experiences and learning opportunities are just as valuable and shed light on the differences between smaller and larger General Practices.

At Geraldton Medical Group (GMG) – Nurses are rotated through diabetes Careplans, Careplans, treatment room, health assessments, nursing homes, industrial health medicals, as well as taking part in regular nursing education sessions and other available experiences as they become available. Amanda is the Nursing Manager who will coordinate facilitate your placement here.

At University Medical Practice (UMP) – Nurses will spend time with nurses in both the treatment room and also in Careplans. Louise the Practice Manager Amanda – Nursing manager will work together to coordinate your placement at UMP.

Amanda and Kyra are the senior and nursing management staff who will coordinate your rotating roster and oversee your placement across our practices.

At all times you will be mentored by a team of Registered and Enrolled nurses and we believe that you can gain valuable experience and learn something from all staff without a focus on rank or role. For the purpose of assessment items; a Registered Nurse will be available as per requirements from your university and the Nursing and Midwifery council.

Students are provided with an orientation to the practices and the business, and provided with the appropriate policy and procedure to allow their placement to go seamlessly.

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