Panaceum Medical: (08) 9920 8111

Allied Health: (08) 9920 8151

Seacrest: (08) 9923 9999

Book Online

New and existing patients are welcome to make online bookings for a range of GP and Allied Health appointments.

Step 1: Check that the type of appointment you need is available online
Step 2: If you know who you want to book with, make the appointment

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What can I book online?

GP and Allied Health Appointments:

  • Standard 10 Minute Appointment (1-2 issues, result discussions, prescriptions, referrals etc.)
  • Long Appointment 20 minutes (multiple complex issues, mental health issues etc.)
  • New Patient Appointments – 20 minutes (A full 20 minute appointment may not be required if you just passing through Geraldton).
  • Workers compensation appointments
  • Allied Health – Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Dietician, Podiatrist, Exercise Physiologist:
    • New and follow up appointments for each profession
    • Follow up appointment for those with referrals from their Chronic Disease Management plans with team care arrangements ( EPC)

What can’t I book online?

  • Any nurse appointments including routine immunisations, injections, follow up dressings, ECG, Spirometry, INR, Chronic Disease Careplans
  • Surgical Procedures (A consult to discuss a procedure can be booked as a standard appointment)
  • Pre Anaesthetic Checks (PAC)
  • Insertion/Removal of Implanons and Mirenas
  • Antenatal Appointments
  • Driver’s License Medicals (all types)
  • Pre-employment and compliance medicals (including AMSA and Immigration)
  • Gym or Gym Classes

Please contact us to book any of the above appointments.

Panaceum Medical (233 Lester Avenue):

Dr Vik Randhawa (PAP) (skin)
Dr Steve (Kyaw) Lwin (obstetrics) (PAP) (skin)
Dr Ann Abraham (PAP) (skin)
Dr Suresh (skin) (w/c)
Dr Angela Glen (anaesthetics) (PAP) (skin)
Dr Elly Slootmans (PAP)
Dr James Murray (PAP)
Dr Murray James-Wallace (obstetrics and anaesthetics) (PAP) (skin)
Dr Richard Taylor (obstetrics and anaesthetics) (PAP) (skin)
Dr Shaun Millns-Sizer
Dr Tonya Constantine (w/c)
Dr Aubrey Francis
Dr Louise Spillman (registrar)
Dr Philippa Gray (registrar) (obstetrics)

Panaceum Seacrest (75 Barrett Drive):

Dr Ian Taylor (obstetrics and anaesthetics) (PAP)
Dr Charlotte Brough (PAP) (wwc)
Physiotherapist (w/c) (EPC)


Panaceum Allied Health (233 Lester Avenue):

Physiotherapist – Fiona Cooke (w/c) (EPC)
Dietitian – Terri Quinlan (EPC)
Podiatrist – Lara Reynolds (w/c) (EPC)


(w/c) – Workers Compensation, Initial and follow up
(wwc) – Well Womens Check
(PAP) – PAP smear
(Skin) – Full Body Skin Check
(EPC) – Enhanced Primary Care

Please contact us if you need any assistance with making your online booking.

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